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Pain Management Program

Aged Care Association’s Pain Management Program promotes mobility & improves quality of life in the residents. Our Pain Program is designed and implemented by Physiotherapists to reduce pain levels, so residents can be happier and experience less discomfort in their daily activities.

Pain is often underdiagnosed amongst aged population. Chronic pain is recognised as a significant health issue in elderly. The prevalence of pain in aged care industry is estimated to around 50% to 80%. Chronic pain can result in mood or behavioural changes, social isolation, disturbed sleep, impaired mobility, reduced function & many more. Our Physiotherapists can assist the ACFI team to identify diagnosis of pain & implement directives required to reduce pain in accordance to ACFI regulations.

Benefits of our Pain Management Program-

  1. Reduces falls risk
  2. Improves behaviours & sleep quality
  3. Increased socialisation and activities participation
  4. Reduces dependency on pain medications

There are also indirect benefits to staff & facilities-

  1. More satisfied residents & their families
  2. Improved funding
  3. Improved bed occupancy rates
  4. Increased compliance with Accreditation standards
  5. Physiotherapy presence to assist residents

Our Pain Management Program can be flexible to suit the facility at very reasonable fee. Our team can assist you by working closely with facility managers & care staff to make sure Pain Management Program is effective.

For more info on how Aged Care Association Aged Care Services can assist your aged care facility, please call us on 0452155155 or by email