2019 Europe Tours

Tour Options:

  • OPTION 1 – 11/7 thru 22/7 (inclusive)
    U.K. Facilities Tours + Attendance at IAHSA 8th Annual Conference in London
  • OPTION 2 – 17/7 thru 29/7 (inclusive)
    Attendance at IAHSA 8th Annual Conference in London + Belgium & Germany Facilities Tours
  • OPTION 3 (combined 1 + 2) – 11/7 thru 29/7 (inclusive)
    U.K. Facilities Tours + Attendance at IAHSA 8th Annual Conference in London + Belgium & Germany Facilities Tours
  • OPTION 4 – 11/7 thru 22/7 (inclusive)
    Netherlands Facilities Tours + Attendance at IAHSA 8th Annual Conference in London.
    This tour is run parallel to Tour 1, with delegates converging in London on the 17/7 in time for the start of the IAHSA conference. For full details refer to the itinerary.

To learn more about SAGE contact Judy Martin via t: 07 3839 9999 or e: j.martin@agedcareassociation.com.au

For more details go the SAGE Tours website at www.sagetours.com.au

The S.A.G.E. study tours will provide Health & Aged Care professionals with an excellent forum for fostering and exchanging learning and cultural opportunities in the delivery of Eldercare around the globe. Their aim is to provide participants with valuable insights from key professionals in the international health and aged care field and to facilitate cultural exchange and business opportunities. Delegates will be able to meet with highly respected health professionals, to visit cutting edge clinical and educational facilities, and to learn about alternative service delivery models in the international arena.

S.A.G.E. study tours offer a unique occasion for two cultures to meet and exchange ideas on social and political approaches to Eldercare. We hope you will take this opportunity to participate in the valuable experience of witnessing another country’s cultural approach to and developments in aged care services and Eldercare delivery.


  • To provide participants with an opportunity to gain valuable insights into key organisations involved in the provision of aged care in other countries
  • To visit clinical and educational sites/institutions
  • To foster and exchange learning opportunities across different cultures
  • To facilitate cultural exchange at an industry and personal level
  • To meet with well respected aged care professionals working in the field
  • To develop an understanding of the roles of government, non-government organisations (NGOs) and the private sector in the provision of aged care services in other countries
  • To gain an understanding of alternative forms of service delivery in clinical delivery, community education, resource development and research

AgeWell RoadShow


The introduction of the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) on 20th March 2008 represented one of the biggest changes in residential aged care since the passing of the Aged Care Act in 1997. Many person hours of effort from the Government and from industry representatives and stakeholders has gone into the design of ACFI and making its introduction as smooth as possible.

The information presented through the links below has been developed by ACAA and ACSA. It is intended to complement that produced by the Department of Health and Ageing and a link to their web site may also be found below. Presenting issues, questions and other material from an industry perspective will aid understanding of the ACFI and assist in collecting information to support any changes which may be required as implementation proceeds.

Feedback on this site and the information contained within it is welcome and should be directed to info@agedcareassociation.com.au or through your State Association.

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